Start growing your own by sowing seeds

Sowing seeds Start growing your own Green Fingered Blog
If you're growing your own in an allotment, kitchen garden or some pots on the patio, sowing seeds is the simplest and cheapest way to start. And if the soil is still too wet and/or cold to plant outside, sowing seeds means you can start growing indoors, and have seedlings ready to plant out when it's warmer and dryer in a few weeks time. 

Pruning ferns in spring

Pruning ferns in spring Green Fingered Blog
All sorts of things need pruning in spring. Magazines, TV programmes and online blogs are full of instructions, but what about ferns? They hardly ever seem to be mentioned. But pruning ferns can reveal hidden delights.

Chitting potatoes

Chitting potatoes The 80 Minute Allotment The Green Fingered Blog

Chitting potatoes gives your spuds a head start, and is as easy as...well, as easy as putting some potatoes in an egg box in a cool light room.