Ideas for ordinary gardeners from a visit to an extraordinary garden - Stourhead

Stourhead garden design ideas Green Fingered BlogCan ordinary gardeners learn anything useful from visiting such an extraordinary garden as Stourhead?

Attract hedgehogs to your garden: Make a hedgehog house from recycled garden waste

Make a hedgehog house Recycled Green Fingered Blog
Attract hedgehogs to your garden or allotment and they'll help you control slugs and other pests. Build them a cosy home and they're more likely to hang around your plot. Here's how to make a low-cost home for hedgehogs from an old water butt and a planter...

How to grow new plants from runners - A Beginner's Guide

How to grow plants from runners Beginner's Guide Green Fingered Blog
Getting new plants from runners costs nothing, and nature does most of the work for you - it's really simple!