Clear away brassicas to make way for root crops

The last of the kale and purple sprouting broccoli has been harvested and eaten, so it's time to clear away what's left of the brassica plants, just in time to sow carrots, beetroot and parsnip in their place.

Protect carrots from carrot fly

Protecting carrots from carrot fly The 80 Minute Allotment Green Fingered Blog
Carrot fly can destroy any chance of growing your own carrots, but protecting your carrot crop from this pest is relatively simple. 

Sowing vegetable seeds outdoors

Sowing seeds outdoors 80 Minute Allotment Green Fingered Blog
When the time finally comes to sow seeds outdoors, you can really start to fill up your vegetable plot, kitchen garden or allotment with lots of tasty crops that will be ready to eat at various times of the year. But how do you know the right time to sow, and how do you give your seeds the best chance of success?