Line your garden paths with scent - all year round!

How lovely it is to walk through the garden after work on a summer  evening and absorb the fragrance of flowers as you pass them. With a bit of planning, you can enjoy scent on every journey through your garden

Plant these 5 evening scented white flowers for fragrant summer nights in the garden

If you have a bit of your garden which faces west, it will make a great place to sit and watch the sun go down. If it's a patio then it will catch the late afternoon sun, and on a balmy summer night, the stones will absorb the summer heat and slowly release it after sunset, keeping you pleasantly warm late into the evening.

To enhance this evening atmosphere even further, you can fill a pot, bed or border with scented plants that release their fragrance  in the evening.

Find extra plants for nothing - in your own garden!

Wide range of seedlings potted up and growing on
All these were free - I just helped myself!
If you hate weeding, but like getting extra plants for nothing, look carefully around your garden this weekend and you might find you can turn a bit of weeding into something far more productive.