The first Grow Your Own job of the year

Grow your own raspberries 80 Minute Allotment Green Fingered Blog
What's the first job of the year in the allotment? I've only got about 80 minutes per week to grow my own fruit and vegetables, so it's important to get my priorities straight... 

Plants flowering in winter thanks to the weird weather

Plants flowering in winter weird weather Green Fingered Blog
The strange weather this year has continued right to the end. In 2018 winter snow came in March, the summer was the driest in 40 years, followed by a mild autumn which has lasted past Christmas. Only a few light frosts here in Cardiff so far mean that all sorts of things are still flowering in my garden - why don't you take a look...

How to make leaf mould

How to make leaf mould The Green Fingered Blog

Get outside and gather up as many leaves as you can to make leaf mould. It's really useful stuff in the garden, and you can't buy it anywhere, but it's really easy to make your own. Here's how I make mine: