8 great ideas for your garden inspired by a visit to Compton Acres

Compton Acres Japanese Garden Reflective Pond Green Fingered Blog
Visiting gardens is a great way to get ideas and be inspired to get the best out of your own garden. Compton Acres, between Poole and Bournemouth in Dorset, is always a pleasure to explore, but there are plenty of ideas you can take home with you. So here are 8 ways of adding some magic to your garden.

What food can I grow in containers?

Different troughs with vegetables growingDon't let a lack of space stop you growing your own fruit and veg, There are plenty of edibles you can grow in containers. Even if all you have is a few pots then you can grow something to eat, and it will be the freshest and tastiest that you've ever eaten! So what food can you grow in containers?

6 aromatic plants to surround your garden seats with scent

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Scented pelargoniums in pots next to patio chairs
Do you dream of sitting watching the sun go down, on a terrace in the Mediterranean, in short sleeves with a cold drink in your hand? Well you can easily create that atmosphere (when the sun finally comes out) by surrounding yourself with scented foliage and aromatic herbs. Here are six aromatic plants you should have within reach of your favourite patio seat: