Friday, 14 April 2017

A Garden Easter Egg Hunt - with ready made clues

Garden Easter Egg Hunt
Here's a fabulous way to get the kids running around the garden this Easter weekend. Children of all ages love chocolate eggs, and most are prepared to search the garden high and low if necessary, to find them! An Easter Egg Hunt in the garden is great fun whether you are taking part, or following them around with the video camera. It's really easy to do. All you need is some chocolate eggs and a pen and paper. I've even written some ready made clues you can use...

Easter Egg Hunt in the GardenIt's become a bit of a tradition in our house to hide eggs all over the garden at Easter, write lots of clues for the children to work out where they are hidden, and send them off with a basket each to collect them. It's great fun to follow them as they think and search, and they have a great time finding them and of course eating them afterwards.
Here are some things we do which seem to work:  
  • Each child has their own colour, and can only collect eggs wrapped in that colour.
  • Give them each a small basket or other receptacle to collect their eggs in. They love to carry their hoard around with them! 
  • Hide one egg of each colour in each location. This means they can work together to find them rather than fighting each other over them!
  • Before they are old enough to read or understand clues read to them, a basic drawing of a garden feature is a good way of enabling them to work out where the eggs are hidden.
  • You can leave the next clue to be found with the eggs, or make them come back to you for each new clue. This depends on how big your garden is, and whether you want to follow them round, or sit back and watch.
  • If you can make clues rhyme, they are much more fun!
To help with the clues here are some examples you can use if you have the relevant features in your garden:
Welcome to the Easter Egg Hunt, if you want to have a go,
Then see what you find when you take a look where the (insert name of noticeable plant here) grow  
If you have a bird bath: 
Do birds like chocolate eggs the best? Make sure that you can pass this test
Wander down the garden path, until you find where they take their bath. 
If you have a bug hotel:
A spider might give you a fright, but bugs and bees need a bed for the night,
So you'll find eggs if you look really well, somewhere near the bug hotel.
If you have a deck:
Be careful not to fall off the deck, but from there you should be able to check,
Whether some eggs have been left behind, and whether they're easy for you to find.
If you have any animal statues/ornaments:
If you can remember where (insert name of animal) lives,
Another egg to you I will give.
If you have pots:
Look carefully for the (insert colour/description of pot) pot,
Are there any eggs left or have you scoffed the lot?
If you have a trampoline:
Think about bouncing and you can't go wrong,
You'll surely find eggs before too long.
If you have a bird feeder (hide the eggs somewhere down below it):
Look up and some birds you are likely to see (not in a nest and not in a tree)
Look down and you should soon find, the eggs the Easter bunny left behind. 
We found easter eggs in the garden!That should get you started, so go buy a few eggs, find some good hiding places, adapt the clues to fit, and have a great time!

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