Monday, 10 July 2017

Garden Update - 6 things happening in the garden in July

Pimms in the garden Green Fingered Blog
Here is my latest update on what's happening in my own garden at the moment. I'm following on from The Propagator, who shared his Six on Saturday. Here are my six...

Wisteria flowers again

Garden Update July Green Fingered Blog Wisteria Sinensis
Wisteria sinensis
All this sunshine has coaxed the wisteria into a second flush of flowers, which I think is a first for this particular specimen. When you think how close we came to late frost destroying all the earlier flowers when they were on the brink of opening at the end of April, to get a second chance to enjoy them is a real bonus. They look and smell great.

Brilliant Hemerocallis
Garden Update July Green Fingered Blog Hemerocallis
We inherited our day lilies when we moved here. They spread around by sending roots everywhere and then popping up all over the place. I've pulled loads out and grown some on, but am really enjoying the ones I've retained. They add a fabulous zingy orange at this time of year, and you can even eat the petals. They certainly brighten up a salad!

Jasmine officionale

Garden Update July Green Fingered Blog Jasmine
Jasmine on the pergola
I always look forward to those all too rare summer nights when it's warm enough here to stay outside until late. Sitting in, or moving around the garden when you can catch the evening scent of jasmine is a real pleasure. An exotic fragrance and yet hardy and easy to grow. At the moment it's a real treat. I have it growing against a fence at the bottom of the garden at the rear of the patio, and also over this pergola which is delightful to walk through at this time of year.

Sweet peas

Sweet peas on a windowsill in a small bottle
Sweet peas
More scent, with sweet peas. They are at their peak right now, we can pick enough every few days to fill a small vase, jar or bottle. On the windowsill just inside a door is ideal and as soon as you come in you can smell them strongly and it's lovely! More reminiscent of old fashioned cottage gardens than an Italian terrace, but none the worse for that. I prefer single colours rather than the old fashioned mixtures, but I grow them for the scent above all else. My favourites are "Singing the Blues" and "White Supreme". This year I'm also trying "Beaujolais" and I've planted some out in the borders this year as well as growing some in pots as usual. As long as you keep picking them, they keep flowering and giving you even more to pick.

Harvest Time

Garden Update July Green Fingered Blog Lettuce Little Gem Lollo Rossa
Little Gem & Lollo Rossa
The strawberries and peas have now been and gone but at this time of year there is plenty more on the way. I've harvested potatoes, garlic, broad beans, French beans, onions, spring onions, spinach, carrots and various lettuce this week. And all so full of flavour straight from the ground.

Pimms O'Clock! 
It has been rather hot over the last few days, and what better excuse to actually sit down for a bit - without getting straight up again to pull weeds out or dead head something - and make the effort to keep still for a while and enjoy the garden. I find it difficult to be in the garden without doing anything, but this week has definitely been the time to relax, watch the trees and grasses wafting in the breeze, listen to the babble of the stream and singing of the birds, take in the colours and textures around me and feel the warmth of the sun. A glass of Pimms and lemonade with fresh mint from the garden also makes all the hard work feel worthwhile. Now excuse me while I refill my glass... 

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