Get more potatoes by earthing up

It will soon be time to dig up this years crop of potatoes but for now, keep earthing them up to get the best crop possible.

What is "earthing up" potatoes?

"Earthing up" seems to be one of those strange gardening terms that can be a mystery to anyone who hasn't been growing their own for long. But it's really simple.

It simply means pulling soil up around the base of the potato plants as they grow, covering the foliage.

If you're growing your potatoes in the ground, you can use a hoe or spade to pull earth from between the rows, up over the potatoes so that the potatoes end up growing through a ridge of soil, poking out of the top.

If like me you're growing potatoes in a bag, or other container, you plant the seed potatoes in soil at the bottom, and gradually fill the container with more soil as the plants grow higher, until the container or bag is full to the top.

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Why is it important to earth up potatoes?

There are several reasons for earthing up potatoes:

1. Earlier in the year it will help prevent damage to the plants from frost.

2. It encourages the plants to produce more tubers (the edible potatoes), so increasing your crop.

3. It stops the tubers being exposed to light. This is important as exposure to light can make them turn green and become toxic.

So as the plants grow taller, keep covering them up. When they are well covered, or your container is full, leave them to grow and flower. They should be ready to harvest after they've flowered.

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